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Production complex in the territory of the Business Park in Daugavpils

Total area (incl. Land):
1.19 ha
Sale price:
600 000.00 €
Last name:
Permitted use:
Territory of industrial buildings

A production complex in the grounds of Business Park in Chemical village on Višķu iela,  Daugavpils. The surrounding building is made up of companies such as Nexis fibers, Axon cable, Belmast and others. The property consists of a plot of land of 2, 3162 ha and a building with a total area of 11 859, 8 kvm. Two-storey reinforced concrete construction building, largest ceiling height 7, 5 m. All centralised engineering communications are available. The building is in satisfactory technical condition, a concrete floor. The full functioning of the building requires financial investment. The costs of dismantling the building are, on a provisional basis, relatively low.

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Cadastre No.:
Sale price:300 000.00 €
Permitted use:Territory of industrial buildings
Pasākuma titulbilde Pasākuma titulbilde Pasākuma titulbilde
Factory building
Cadastre No.:05000071618
Land area:11 859.00 m²
Sale price:300 000.00 €
Total number of floors of the building:2
The ceiling height:7.00 m
Floor load capacity:15.00 t
Helsinki (Somija):602.3 km
Lidosta "Rīga" (RIX):232.8 km
Liepāja (Neaizsalstoša osta):428.6 km
Rīga (Rīgas brīvosta):242.2 km
Stokholma (Zviedrija):743.7 km
Tallina (Igaunija):515.6 km
Varšava (Polija):624.0 km
Ventspils (Neaizsalstoša osta):411.8 km
Viļņa (Lietuva):178.9 km
Access road:Asphalt
Nearest highway:Highway
Distance to nearest highway:3.00 km
Connection to the object:Is possible to be established
Free available capacity:1.00 MW
Distance to 110kV substations:50.00 m
Water supply:Is possible to establish
Available capacity: l/s
City water supply:No
Sewerage system:Is possible to establish

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