Accessibility notice

the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 445 “Procedure According to Which Institutions Place Information on the Internet”, adopted on 14 July 2020 (hereinafter - Regulation No. 445), shall undertake to make its website accessible.

This accessibility notice shall apply to the website:

State Platform for Business Development -

The simplified accessibility assessment is made for the website. The method used - “Guidelines for Assessment of Impact of Compliance with the Accessibility Requirements Determined for Websites of Institutions and Substantiation of Disproportional Burden” prepared by VARAM.

How accessible is the website?

The State Platform for Business Development partially complies with Regulation No. 445 due to the following reasons.

Non-compliance with the requirements set forth in Regulation No. 445

Discrepancies were found in the main navigation test, the basic structure test, the keyboard access and visual focus test, the textual alternative test for the images, the caption test, and the colour contrast test (navigation on the website with a keyboard only is not possible; sections of the website miss some of the caption title levels.

It should be taken into account that the website only started to operate in October 2021, and it is still being improved. Issues that make accessibility difficult have been identified and it is planned to resolve them.

Some of the elements of the website, failing to comply with the testing criteria, are already transferred for development. They will be processed during the next stage of works, when the development of basic services is completed. Those elements that content editors are entitled to correct will be adjusted by March 2022.

For example, some of the images lack alternative texts; therefore, people using a screen reader can't access the information in the image. The principle referred to in Paragraph 22.4 of the Cabinet Regulation regarding compliance with robustness is not complied with. Adding of alternative texts to images of the page is not commenced.

No audio or video content is added in the tested sections. However, video content elsewhere on the page is not provided with subtitles. It is necessary to assess the possibility to provide alternative descriptions.

The alternative text shown in the illustrations could be more detailed and will be improved.

This website was assessed on 30.01.2022. Assessment was performed by Dita Plazibat, Senior Project Manager of the Communication and Information Department.

Evidence of assessment: accessibility assessment.

Accessibility alternatives

In order to receive the content, which is currently not accessible in any other format, we offer the following alternatives. We offer to solve accessibility issues related to contrast by using any of the browser plug-ins.

For recommendations and communication

We constantly try to improve the accessibility of the website.

If you establish any issues or shortages that are not specified in this notice or wish to receive the inaccessible content in any other format, please, contact us:

Via e-mail:

Call: +371 67039499

Address: Pērses iela 2, Riga, LV-1442;

We will review your request and provide a reply within 7 days.

Submission of complaints

Communication and information department is responsible for accessibility of the website in our institution

Via e-mail:

Phone: +371 67039499

The responsible person in the supervisory institution is Dita Plazibat.

If we have not properly responded to your submission or complaint regarding accessibility of the content of the website, you can submit a complaint to the Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia:

Ombudsman's Office: Baznīcas iela 25, Riga, LV-1010

Phone: +371 67686768


Information about preparation of the notice

This notice was prepared for the first time on 30.01.2022.