For investors

LIAA works to attract investors’ support for companies in a wide range of sectors and serves as a conduit for information that connects investment with innovative ideas. Attracting investors provides growth opportunities for companies, which in turn strengthens the economy and the competitiveness of the Latvian economic sector in global markets.

Various programmes explore target sectors and issues to facilitate attracting foreign investment to the Latvian economy. One of the priorities is to attract investment for science projects in order to turn Latvia’s scientific achievements into innovative products or services. Investors take part in innovative projects and cooperate with industry professionals, local governments, Latvian state institutions and scientific institutions.

Attracting foreign investments promotes the global visibility of Latvia’s economic sectors and strengthens cooperation between Latvian and international professionals.

  • € 252.5 million
    investments attracted by LIAA will create 2,893 new jobs
  • € 16.7 billion
    Latvia has reached a record level of foreign direct investment in 2020
  • SE, RU, EE, NL, CY, LT, DE
    countries with the most significant foreign direct investments in 2020

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