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Norway shares good practices of digitalization

June 15 as part of the DigiBEST project (project), in the frame of the 4th Study Visit Online, project partner countries heard inspiring examples of Norway’s digital transformation process - how to provide pro-digital environment for SMEs. Business Gardens, digital networks and other good practices show an importance of proper environment and tools in order to make full use of digital opportunities.

One of many good practices in Norway, that was shared with other partner countries, is the national Public-Private Cooperation & Funding Model for Business Gardens and incubators. The program enables the County Council to reach out to small- and micro businesses and gives possibility to do subsidized work for their SMEs. All together the program allocates to 40 Business gardens and 35 Incubators in Norway. Created ecosystem provides to SMEs access to expertise, networks, and an academic and social community.

Participants also gained insights in another way to increase digitalization and digital transformation in Trøndelag. The Industry 4.0 Trøndelag project. It is a regional digital skills program for small l- and micro-SME’s for increasing knowledge of the use of basic digital tools, success factors – digitalization in order to execute changes in the business – always with the focus on the ROI. It is an example of how the Trøndelag County Council utilizes the strength of the business gardens and incubators to facilitate change and increased digital skills in rural areas. As SMEs often do not have the necessary resources to identify and execute necessary change in response to opportunities and threats posed by the digitization of society. Also preparing for the green shift/circular economy, the program aims to increase competitive power, and build capabilities to handle a larger flow of documentation in SMEs through digitalization. The three-step program offers insights into available technology in different lines of business, and how new business models could be implemented. Workshops for SMEs are tailored to the specific needs of different lines of business (7 now).

Meanwhile Norway’s Trøndelag Fylkeskommune county is showing us the good practice and has concluded that the areas still lack network coverage, either fixed or mobile, must be expanded with public subsidies. A good and stable network is crucial for every business, especially for those, who are joining the digitalization process, so it is important to provide appropriate conditions for local business growth. The project is an example of good cooperation between municipality, County Council, SMEs, Telecom.

Participants also heard about “Digital restaurant Wink”, presentation from Skogmo Industripark about Digital transformation in rural areas and exclusively will be introduced to Digital Precision farming in Trøndelag. In conclusion participants held Panel Debate about Digital Transformation in a rural Perspective, featuring Research fellow at Nordregio, Stockholm, Mari Wøyen Meijer, who has done research on digital development in Scandinavia and the Baltics.

The event was attended by all project partners as well as their stakeholders in order to learn and better get acquainted with the best practices and experiences of the Trøndelag region in promoting the digital transformation of SMEs.

The overall objective of the DigiBEST project is to support and promote SMEs competitiveness through digital transformation of SMEs in rural European territories by proposing solutions to enhance their capacity to use advanced technologies and new innovative business approaches for promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe and its regions. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Norwegian national funding through the INTERREG EUROPE program. The project is in the partnership with seven partners from Latvia (lead partner), Norway, Italy, Spain, Austria and Portugal. More on the project:


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