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LIAA invites you to get acquainted with Latvian products

There are many products in Latvia that are special, high-quality and perform their function perfectly. We believe that everyone should get to know them, taste them, put them on, try and use them. Wanting to introduce them to more and more people, the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) has created a catalog of Latvian products .

The electronic catalog includes the best products of Latvian entrepreneurs, covering various products - furniture and educational products for children, as well as textiles, interior elements and furniture for every home. The catalog also presents the most delicious local food, drinks, cosmetics, clothing and accessories.

A separate section is dedicated to business, as well as products that will be useful for leisure and leisure.

Currently, the Latvian product catalog is available in Latvian and its target audience is Latvian residents, as well as our compatriots abroad, who have expressed a desire to promote Latvian products in their home countries at events organized by LIAA. In the future, it is planned to translate the catalog into English in order to distribute it to a wider audience, stimulating the demand for our products.

Currently, the catalog includes products of 88 manufacturers, but the edition will be regularly updated, because, according to its developers, the response of Latvian manufacturers is high and the products applied for are really of high quality and variety.

The idea for the catalog arose when restrictions came into force in connection with the state of emergency declared in the country, and the aim was to support our entrepreneurs by stimulating the demand for Latvian products in the domestic market. However, while working on the publication, it became clear that the products included in it could also be attractive abroad. LIAA regularly contacts professionals of Latvian origin, who are located all over the world, and they have already shown an initiative not only to more actively choose and buy products created in Latvia, but also to tell about them outside Latvia. In addition, Latvians who are employed in various foreign trade chains are identified in order to work on new export opportunities for our entrepreneurs.

LIAA also invites other interested parties to apply for their products for inclusion in the publication by filling in a questionnaire .
It should be emphasized that the catalog will be regularly updated and supplemented as new applications are received.

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