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LIAA invites exporting companies and start-ups to apply for Born Global hackathon

To find solutions to the most important challenges of Latvian exporting companies, a co-creation B2B solutions hackathon "Born Global" is organized. The hackathon will run for five days, from September 27 to October 1. It will bring together more than 100 representatives of Latvian exporting companies and European start-ups, who will work on solutions to the challenges.

The B2B solution hackathon is currently inviting Latvian exporting companies that face challenges in the three areas of the hackathon - human resources, digitization and process optimization, and European start-ups operating in the areas that could find solutions in three directions of the hackathon to apply and take part. Registration for the hackathon is open until September 23.

Hackathon will seek solutions to key challenges such as shortages of experts, human resource management in a changing environment, digital transformation, and business process optimization. One solution to overcoming the challenges is open innovation and collaboration with the start-up ecosystem, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the technology industry, and this is precisely the solution that will be used during this hackathon.

"Open innovation is a powerful tool for business development, which has gained great popularity among leading companies. Creative processes and implementing digital innovations are essential for the growth of exporting companies, but not all innovations can always be created within the company. In cooperation with start-ups that are ready to devote their time and resources to co-creation, there is an opportunity to be seized and the opportunity to create new solutions through the prism of cooperation. This is a way to increase the international competitiveness of Latvian exporting companies," says Kaspars Rožkalns, Director of LIAA.

The hackathon and its activities aim to identify the main challenges that currently hinder faster export growth and promote the creation of solutions that would encourage the development of the international competitiveness of Latvian companies and the export of products and services. To set specific challenges to be addressed during the hackathon, working groups will be held on September 17. Representatives of Latvian exporting companies, accompanied by mentors, will discuss and work to set challenges in the three identified areas of the hackathon.

Co-creative B2B solutions hackathon "Born Global" will take place from September 27 to October 1. Hackathons organizers are now inviting Latvian exporting companies interested in finding a solution to their company's challenge in one of the hackathon's thematic areas and international participants and start-up teams with technology ideas in these sectors to apply for participation.

Hackathon and its activities are organized by the Latvian Investment and Development Agency, Helve, and the Latvian Exporters' Association. For more information and registration for the hackathon visit -


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