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Enterprise Lithuania highlights Latvian Longenesis, Vigo Health and Ferterex

"Enterprise Lithuania" has identified ten of the region's most promising start-ups, focusing on medical technology solutions in the start-ups environment. Alongside Latvia's “Longenesis”, “Vigo Health” and “Ferterex” are highlighted in Lithuania's “Aichom”, “CasZyme”, “Droplet Genomics”, “Oxipit”, as well as in Estonia's “Synbase”, “Haut. AI and Respiray.

This tops is formed in the framework of the conference Life Sciences Baltics which takes place this week until 24 September.

70 to 90% of the production of Baltic health-care technology and biotech companies is exported. Estonia's strong side is a sub-sector of genetics and heredity, representing 34% of the entire industry's output. Lithuania exports more than 90% of national production of optical, medical and dental instruments, irradiation facilities and basic chemicals. Latvia stands out with the most advanced pharmaceutical research. 83% of the sub-sector's output is exported.

“These figures are persuasive proof that the Baltic States have managed to turn their new democracies into places where intelligence, courage and innovation are held in honor and rewarded,” says Dina Klepone, head of Enterprise Lithuania.

LIAA / Labs of Latvia

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