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The ELWIND wind park project begins cooperation with a Dutch company "Ventolines"

The Latvia-Estonia cross-border offshore wind park project ELWIND begins cooperation with the Dutch company Ventolines. This technical consultant service provider has accumulated significant experience in wind park development.

"Ventolines has contributed to wind park development projects in the Netherlands, Sweden, the USA and other countries, proving its competence and professionalism. For the needs of Elwind, the company will provide support in the preparation of procurement documentation for the environmental impact studies," emphasizes Jānis Ločmelis, head of the Elwind project department of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency.

As part of the environmental impact assessment, the impact of the wind park on nature, animals, and socio-economic impact, including shipping lanes, will be analyzed. Technical studies will also be carried out. Using the results of these studies, ELWIND aims to obtain all the technical data to ensure the responsible and sustainable development of the project. Research is expected to start this year and will last until 2026. Special attention will be devoted to determining the wind park's potential impact on the national defense capabilities and taking the necessary compensation measures in case the impact is detected.

"This is an important milestone and achievement for the project and adds extra confidence for the entire ELWIND team, as the next steps require high-quality experience and expertise that Ventolines has," says Tõnn Tuvikene, ELWIND Project manager of the Environmental Investment Centre of Estonia.

Ventolines is an integrated renewable energy project development service provider with extensive experience in offshore wind park projects. The company has experience with both Baltic and North Sea projects.

The total amount of the contract is EUR 300 000, excluding VAT.

The ELWIND offshore wind park will be an important project for the Baltic Sea region with a large economic and social impact. The construction of the two territories of the Latvian and Estonian wind park will provide electricity capacity of at least 1000 megawatts and will create at least 2800 new jobs in Latvia.


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