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Online training: Cutting-edge entrepreneurship

Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūra

Think of exceptional business founders you admire. They all started somewhere. You can start here. Cutting-edge entrepreneurship can be your first step in a journey to create your deep-tech start-up.

Apply for the event until 31.08.2023. 22.59 here

Online training: Cutting-edge entrepreneurship.

5-weeks hands-on training on how to build your deep-tech start-up.

Please note that the lessons are divided into two streams. The stream of entrepreneurs will start studies on August 31st, and the stream of scientists on September 6th.

Blend business with science. Create value.

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Why deep-tech?

By translating scientific achievements into business, one can achieve the biggest impact and drive change. In addition, this field is highly profitable, and in the coming years, European Commission has pledged to especially support it.

On completion of this program, you will walk away with skills:

  1. Understanding of how to establish and manage your deep-tech start-up.
  2. Knowledge of how to commercialize scientific findings and what steps you need to build a sustainable business model.
  3. Insight of how and where to pitch for finances, what funds are available now, and how to apply for them.
  4. Entry ticket to the Ignition Event in October 2023 where you will be able to meet scientists, learn about their findings and possibly form a start-up team.

This program is for you if:

  1. Science-driven innovation excites you.
  2. You want to create a business with high added value.
  3. You are in search of a new and meaningful career path.
  4. Eager to challenge yourself, learn new skills, and immerse in a world where business blends with science.
  5. Serial start-up entrepreneur but you want to explore a new area and start a new business this time.

Dear scientists! If you have scientific achievements you would like to commercialize, however, you prefer focusing on your research rather than entrepreneurship, we have a solution for you as well. Apply for the program's "Scientific flow" and learn how to choose the right type of commercialization and work in a team with entrepreneurs.

!!! This learning program will be free of charge.

Study plan for Entrepreneurs

Study plan for Scientists

Working language – English

Lessons will take place online, recordings will not be available.

If the culture of Deep Tech has interested you and you want to get a broader insight into current affairs, events, etc., then we invite both entrepreneurs and scientists to take a look at the informative sections of the science commercialization platform "Commercialization Reactor" website about science-based business: for Entrepreneurial stream  for Scientific stream.

Contact information:

Content of the program, topics, and tasks
Aleksejs Korabovskis, +371

Technical questions
Adams Adamovičs, +371

Other questions
Dace Dumbere-Bregže, Innovation Support Division Senior Project Manager,

The training program is organized by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia in cooperation with the science commercialization platform Commercialization Reactor and the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Participants who will participate in all lessons and take part in the final pitch session will receive a joint certificate from LIAA, Commercialization Reactor, and Stockholm School of Economics in Riga about the acquisition of the program.

The training is implemented within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund project Innovation Motivation Program and Technology Transfer Program.

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