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Z-TRITON attracts €150,000 and goes on the European Demo tour

Following the successful conclusion of the pre-seed investment round and completion of the production prototype, the team of the Latvian start-up company, e-velo amphibious-camper Z-TRITON will travel around Europe at the end of this month, offering test trips in Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Z-TRITON is an e-velo amphibium, a kemperis that allows you to travel both water and land. It is also fully equipped with electric motors, easily and easily controlled, allowing for longer trips or experiencing a weekend deep in the woods and at nature.

This autumn, Z-TRITON successfully closed the pre-seed investment round, attracting €150,000 of funding from Estonian and Latvian angel investors, as well as from Singapore's venture capital fund “Mistletoe”. The Fund focuses on investment in companies and ideas that have a positive impact on the planet and contribute to sustainability.

Z-TRITON is currently in the final phase of the production prototype, pre-shipment of amphibias has started, with the greatest interest received from Western Europe and North America. This is why the company organizes an outward tour in Europe. As part of the tour, it will also participate in an interdisciplinary exhibition AT OPEN HOUSE in Switzerland, Geneva, which presents innovative and original living spaces through the prism of art, architecture and design. The exhibition takes place in four stages, the second of which will take place from 23 September to 3 October will focus directly on mobile housing forms such as Z-TRITON.

The European tours will continue by offering test trips with amphibium-kemperi in four cities – Geneva (2 October), Paris (5 October), Amsterdam (7 October) and Berlin (9 October), which also shows the greatest interest in the product and the first paid product orders. Specific test travel sites and times will be announced on Z-Triton social network platforms. As part of the European tour, the company will also host a number of other countries with an interest in THE hiring OF Z-TRITON, such as campsites and recreational parks.

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