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We start the tourist season with the invitation #Discover LatviaSafe

Reduced emergency restrictions in the country allow tourism service providers to resume work. Rural tourism entrepreneurs are ready to safely receive guests from the Baltic States, but residents must also be co-responsible for security measures, the director of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) Kaspars Rožkalns emphasized at a press conference today. Outlining the near future of the tourism industry, the experts acknowledged that a security reminder will be spent, this season will be based on the rediscovery of Latvia.

Reminding about the preconditions for safe travel in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, LIAA invites travelers this season to choose lesser known sights and tourist attractions, thus traveling safer, avoiding the crowd and discovering many new, exciting tourist destinations in their homeland.

"The general situation in the country, taking into account the necessary security requirements, currently allows to resume work in one of the sectors most affected by the Covid-19 crisis - tourism service providers. LIAA is ready to become a central support point for both entrepreneurs and tourists and, together with the industry, is actively working to move the flow of tourists and promote safe tourism inland. This is the moment when we invite and recommend touring Latvia, ”

Kaspars Rožkalns, the director of LIAA, points out that touring the homeland will be the basis of this tourism season - therefore, both rural tourism entrepreneurs and travelers themselves are urged to treat travel with a high sense of responsibility, strictly observing all safety measures.

Industry experts predict that people will be hungry after traveling and with the opening of the Baltic borders and the gradual reduction of restrictions, a much more active flow of tourists in Latvia is expected. Taking into account the interstate agreement, LIAA will also invite the residents of Lithuania and Estonia to travel around Latvia.

"In order to reduce congestion in the most popular tourist destinations, we invite you to broaden your horizons and supplement Latvia's most popular sights by lesser-known trails, country and craft farms, which offer various master classes, mini zoos, romantic guest houses surrounded by forest, as well as small, private museums. and other attractions we've missed before. Latvia is rich in many beautiful and interesting places to protect yourself and your fellow human beings and not crowd on a popular footbridge or museum premises, ”

invites Inese Šīrava, Director of the LIAA Tourism Department.

Despite the footprints left by Covid-19, many rural tourism entrepreneurs are already ready to receive tourists and have made adjustments to their daily activities to welcome guests safely.

"We have to rely on our own people this season. Adapting to the situation has required large investments from rural tourism entrepreneurs, so we look forward to the support of domestic travelers. This is the moment when we invite you not to use the popular accommodation reservation sites owned by foreign companies, but to contact Latvian rural entrepreneurs and accommodation owners directly, ”

invited Asnāte Ziemele, President of the Latvian Rural Tourism Association "Lauku ceļotājs". Audio guides have been introduced on some walking trails, but museums, together with a reminder of the already known norms of hygiene and distance, draw attention to the possibility of booking tickets before visiting the museum. More than 100 museums have already taken care of visible signs on their premises and have once again opened their doors to visitors.

The information materials of the campaign remind travelers of the need to observe a distance of 2 meters, carefully evaluate the destination and time of the trip, do not crowd, remember to follow the principle of two and two in public catering places, as well as hygiene and safety requirements. Up-to-date information on the availability of tourism opportunities, ideas for lesser-known tourism objects and security measures can be followed on the official Latvian tourism portal and on social networks - @ opening Latvia.

Additional information:
LIAA Public Relations Department
Phone: 29725674


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