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Science Business : New EU instrument aims to foster collaboration on digital infrastructure

The EU is encouraging member states to band together to install shared digital infrastructures, with the creation of a new legal framework, European Digital Infrastructure Consortia (EDIC).

Based on the existing European Research Infrastructure Consortia (ERIC), EDICs are designed to underpin the implementation of multi-country projects that no single member state could manage on its own.

That will promote efforts to meet the EU’s Digital Decade 2030 targets, of training a digitally skilled population with highly skilled digital professionals; installing secure, efficient and sustainable digital infrastructures; the digital transformation of companies; and digitisation of public services.

Applications for the following projects are also being prepared:

  • Network Local Digital Twins
  • Alliance for Language Technologies
  • Cybersecurity Skills Academy
  • Mobility and Logistics Data
  • 1+ Million Genomes
  • Copyright Infrastructure
  • Innovative and Connected Public Administration

Information prepared by Martin Greenacre, Science Business. More info: 

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