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Latvian National Day: made for you to taste, enjoy, meet, embrace and explore

It all starts on 26 November, when you should visit the Latvian Pavilion to try the authentic taste of the Nordic country presented by some of the most prominent chefs of Latvia – Martins Sirmais, Eriks Dreibants and Pavels Skopa. If you are a foodie, you will appreciate the fact that the delicacies will be available there on 27 November as well. Come and taste them!

When introducing Latvia, there’s simply no getting around the fact that music is the best way to know a Latvian truly. This is why you really shouldn’t miss a music show featuring magical folk songs and popular music presented by our beloved musicians – Intars Busulis, Asnate Rancane, Aurelija Rancane and the Abonementa Orchestra. What will make the whole experience even more dazzling? A light show at the very heart of the event – Al Wasl Plaza.

Alongside these events, there will be a Business Forum and other gatherings organised to make new contacts and present the opportunities Latvia is full of.

Please view the programme above to find specific information on event locations.

Visiting the Latvian Pavilion is no longer limited to those able to travel there. Download the game and virtual tour ‘EXPLORE LATVIA EXPO 2020’ on your phone via Google Play or App Store. Collect the most points and make others eat your dust! And remember: our land is like soil – the deeper you dig, the richer it gets.

The world exhibition EXPO 2020 takes place from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. Additional information about Latvia's participation in EXPO 2020 is available here:

Information prepared in Communication and Information department of LIAA. Publicity photo. 


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