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Express opinions on ecodesign and energy labelling requirements for mobile phones and tablets

We are inviting for the participation of the European Commission by 23 August this year, launching a public consultation on the European Union's (EU) initiative to set ecodesign and energy labelling requirements for mobile phones and tablets.

The aim of the initiative is to clarify, in line with the Action Plan on the Circular Economy, views on how to better promote more energy-efficient production of mobile phones and tablets, which are more easily repairable, durable and reusable to make them more environmentally friendly, longer-serving their users without reducing their access to the EU Single Market.

The public consultation targets both users (consumers) and manufacturers, as well as companies providing services such as repair and maintenance, public authorities and non-governmental organisations.

The Ministry of Economics Republic of Latvia calls on the residents of Latvia to provide opinions and recommendations on the impact of the initiative on you as a company or user, as well as to share any information that might be useful in this area. To provide an opinion, the lead must complete a questionnaire in a specific form.

Eco-design and energy-labelling are among the most effective means of promoting energy efficiency, increasing long-term energy, raw materials and financial savings. EU ecodesign and energy-labelling regulate aspects related to energy and water consumption, emissions levels and material efficiency for a number of product groups. It facilitates the functioning of the internal market by establishing common rules and standards across the EU.

The information is prepared by Public Relations specialists of the Ministry of Economics Republic of Latvia. Contacts: 67013193,


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