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Elektrum Lithuania launches the largest solar park project in Lithuania for 20 hectares

Latvenergo AS strengthens its position in the renewable energy market of the Baltic States by launching the project of the largest solar park in Lithuania. The park will be located in Gargge, with a total capacity of 13 megawatts (MW) and an area of 20 hectares. With the electricity generated per year, the park can provide 5,000 households. By investing €8 million, green energy production will start in the second half of the year.

"We are pleased that we can already strategically and systematically develop electricity generation from renewable resources and do so at the Baltic level. Our project, the largest solar park in Lithuania, enables customers to participate in electricity production, which is very important in current market conditions,” commented Uldis Mucniece, Sales Director of Latvenergo AS.

The new solar park area will take 20 hectares, located in one of the hottest regions of Lithuania. Technologically, the park will build 20,000 solar panels and have a total capacity of 13 megawatts (MW). The selected solar panels will ensure the highest efficiency by maximising the entire surface, thus producing more electricity than with conventional crystal modules. The first kilowatt-hours of green electricity produced by Sun Park will reach customers in the second half of this year. Annual electricity generation is expected to reach at least 140,000 MWh, which is sufficient to supply electricity to approximately 5 000 households.

The development of solar services is one of Latvenergo's strategic business lines by investing in production and consumption of renewable resources. The Klaipeda sun park is already in place in Lithuania, as well as the construction of two new parks in Shauli and Klaipeda has been launched. Customers of solar parks can be individuals and households, businesses or public institutions.

Similar projects are developed in Estonia, as well as in Latvia, and Latvenergo is one of the leading suppliers of solar services in the Baltic.

The popularity of setting up solar panels is increasing: Latvenergo concluded nearly 800 solar panels during the 9 months of 2021, an increase of 79% over the same period last year. The total solar panel capacity installed for Latvenergo Group retail customers in the Baltic exceeds 9 MW and 3/4 of the total capacity is set up for customers outside Latvia.

Information prepared by Ivita Bidere, press secretary of AS Latvenergo. Contacts: 67728809; 29279158,

AS Latvenergo

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