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Copywriters launch the first comprehensive tone of voice management tool

Textok, the first tool that offers brands complete control over their tone of voice, is launched in Beta version and signing up its first subscribers. The online SAAS tool has been developed by a team of copywriters and IT engineers from Latvia, for brands that need to ensure the consistency of their communication. The first users have an opportunity to try the new tool for free.

“Style and tone of the text are notoriously hard to define. What is it exactly that makes the text sound confident? Or emphatic? As copywriters who have been in the business of content creation for over 10 years now, we know that it is a myriad of small details that define the tone. We incorporated all this know-how in Textok, and complemented it with AI-solutions,” explains Olga Procevska, co-founder of Textok.

There have been many attempts to define tone of voice using AI, and thus ensure its consistency. Textok differs from its competitors by the level of control that it gives to brand managers. “From the very beginning, we knew we did not want to create another black box where the algorithm makes decisions for you. We wanted to give users complete control over their brand's tone of voice and fully automate communication consistency,” says Katya Firyan, co-founder of Textok.

In Textok, a brand's tone of voice is defined by more than 90 parameters that span all aspects of style and tone, including the choice of words, sentence structure, readability and flow and emotions in text. Each parameter can be customised to create a unique tone of voice.

“It is a very complex system, a combination of practical knowledge, cognitive sciences and AI, but we wanted to make it super accessible to brand managers. After a decade in the industry we know that what they need is a tool that would ensure compliance with their desired tone of voice in every text, so that they don't have to spend their time editing suboptimal copy, and this is what we made,” adds Procevska.

The web-based app is created for a market situation where copywriters often change, some texts are written by humans and others by large language models, but companies still need consistency in communication to maintain a strong brand identity, explains Firyan. Textok provides pinpointed guidance for human copywriters and produces an AI-authored copy in the desired tone of voice. “With Textok you can pass your tone of voice to all of your content creators, and they have to comply, unlike with brand books that are written on paper and are routinely ignored. We know this because we have developed many brandbooks ourselves,” she says.

Textok works in English and offers free subscription for all users until the launch of Gamma version. It is created by SIA Textok, a startup based in Riga, Latvia. The company aims to grow Textok into a dedicated working space for writers — 360-degree text production platform.

Textok is available in Beta version free of charge at 

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