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Webinar: "Business Continuity In Crisis: Focus on EnergyTech"

11:00 - 13:00
Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūra

In this webinar, energy innovation experts from Latvia and Israel will share their experience and discuss the ability of this sector to adapt to crisis conditions, including wartime.

We will discuss:

  • How the energy industry resists global crises;
  • What joint projects can Latvia and Israel implement in response to global challenges in green energy technologies;
  • Hydrogen as an alternative fuel and its perspectives in both countries;
  • How the innovation ecosystems of both countries can collaborate finding solutions for the global challenges.


  • Shon Dana, Head of Ignite The Spark, Israel Energy Innovation Center
  • Aleksandrs Parfinovičs, head of the Latvian company "Naco Technologies".
  • Aivars Starikovs, renewable energy expert, advisor at Hydrogen Europe
  • Bracha Halaf, co-founder of Israel's Gravity Climate Fund
  • Rotem Arad, Director of Business Development at Israel's H2Pro
  • Cody Norton, Head of International Relations at Ignite The Spark, an Israeli energy innovation center
  • Irina Rubincika, head of LIAA Technology Office in Israel
  • Daniel Altman, Director of Business Development at Israel's Startup Nation Central

Join us for the webinar, gain valuable information on EnergyTech trends and make new contacts.

Register here for free:

The event is organized by the Investment and Development Agence of Latvia (Innovate Latvia/Israel Office) and Startup Nation Central, the Israeli Startup roof organization.

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