Production facilities in the historic Kokmuige complex, Koceni, Valmiera municipality
Total area (incl. Land):
3 362.00 m²
Rental price:
860.00 €/month
Last name:
Permitted use:

The local government of Valmiera municipality offers leasing facilities in Kocienos, Keenes Street 2 (with the adjacent land) for the historic Kokmuižu complex for the development of business.

The renovated Kokmuyge barns building with its adjacent historical ramp was built in 1866. The two-story walled building was part of a stable complex composed of four buildings. Three of them have survived until now. The building of this Kokmuge complex is one of the few that has remained best. In addition, it is also a historically bright and architectural structure. The municipality therefore looked for ways to restore it by raising funds from the European Union Structural Funds for the development of the business environment.

Within the framework of the project, a fully restored facade, roof, changed doors and windows of the two-story wall building, also built-in roof windows so that the building is fit for business, created leads for all communications with the option of choosing the appropriate type of heating, restored historical road and an ordered street adjacent to the building.

On the first floor of the building, restored historical cover – a red-brick floor deck with trappers, repaired, emblazoned and painted wall walls, preserving the welling of historic walls. The decorations of the premises are left to the future business operator in order to ensure the possibility of building an interior that is appropriate to the type of business.

The renovation project of the historic coop building has been highly evaluated by professionals, awarding in 2022 the award of the International Contest for Sustainability in Architecture, Construction, Design for the Sustainable Building.

Download Production facilities in the historic Kokmuige complex, Koceni, Valmiera municipality PDF
Cadastre No.:96640080244
Land area:2 286.00 m²
Permitted use:
Factory building
Cadastre No.:96640080244001
Land area:1 076.00 m²
Rental price:860.00 €/month
Total number of floors of the building:2
The ceiling height:4.00 m
Floor load capacity:10.00 t
Helsinki (Somija):352.0 km
Lidosta "Rīga" (RIX):113.1 km
Liepāja (Neaizsalstoša osta):318.1 km
Maskava (Krievija):867.4 km
Minska (Baltkrievija):583.0 km
Rīga (Rīgas brīvosta):109.7 km
Stokholma (Zviedrija):624.2 km
Tallina (Igaunija):266.2 km
Varšava (Polija):776.4 km
Ventspils (Neaizsalstoša osta):293.1 km
Viļņa (Lietuva):397.4 km
Access road:Asphalt
Nearest highway:Motorway
Distance to nearest highway:1.00 km
Connection to the object:Available
Water supply:City water supply
Sewerage system:City system
System type:Is possible to establish

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