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Our team

  • Gundega Rauhvargere
    Gundega Rauhvargere
    IT Project Manager
  • Gita Pērkone
    Gita Pērkone
    Content Editor
  • Miks Erdmanis
    Miks Erdmanis
    Content Editor
  • Dita Plazibat
    Dita Plazibat
    IT Administrator
  • Vizma Mičule
    Vizma Mičule
    Service Manager
  • Anita Ružicka
    Anita Ružicka
    Service Manager
  • Ilga Maļina
    Ilga Maļina
    Head of the Customer Service Division
  • Anita Priedīte
    Anita Priedīte
    Expert in tourism issues