RTA auctions stepless transmission for electric micromobility vehicles

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To sell

Engineering Institute (IZI) of Rēzekne Academy of Technology (RTA) is auctioning the intellectual property and related know-how, copyright and other related rights for stepless transmission for micromobility vehicles. The starting price of the intellectual property auction is 13,000 EUR. The auction is in ascending order.

The bidder with the highest bid will be recognized as the winner. Applications must be submitted to RTA by October 14 of this year. Access to a detailed description of the object is given after signing the confidentiality agreement.

Sstepless transmission for electric go-karts has been developed at the Rēzekne Academy of Technology, which provides a significant breakthrough in the production of such micromobility vehicles. "With LIAA's support in the Science Commercialization Program, we had the opportunity to refine the technology and prepare it for demonstration to potential customers. With the support of the project, it was possible to register a patent application and carry out several specific tests to determine the advantages and possibilities of the technology. The creation of branding and technical descriptions was also important. It helped to represent RTA's and Latvia name and at an international exhibition in Germany, as well as to address various market "players" to assess their readiness to use the technology. At the moment, we are still working on the scientific publication, but in parallel we have already started discussions with potential customers in various industries, who show interest in using our developed solutions in the future," sayscommercialization specialistof the project team, Artis Cicens.

Speed efficiency.

Small electric cars and micromobility vehicles willing to achieve higher acceleration, higher top speed and to keep the engine in the most efficient rev range. In general, an electric vehicle equipped with a customized continuously variable transmission, for example, can go up a hill using less energy. Such a solution in the future would give an advantage to sport electric karts to gain important seconds on the track.

Automatic control and adaptability.

During the development of the technology, a solution was tested and developed, a software that allows you to set the automatic control system and adjust the gear shifting strategy for different driving modes. This can be useful to optimize the performance of the vehicle in various urban, track or off-road conditions.

Modular design.

This technology is based on a varible driven pulley connected to a constant driven pulley via a rubber belt transmission, without lubricant. The advantages of such a solution are low maintenance costs. Technically, it is easily possible to modify, scale up or scale down the design and construction of the technology adapting it to different vehicles with different arrangement of the drive electric motor.

Stepless transmission project was implemented by receiving 289,627 thousand euros in funding of the operational program "Growth and employment" 1.2.1. of the specific support objective "Increase private sector investments" R&D of the event "Support for the improvement of the technology transfer system" project no. KC-PI-2020/62.

Attached files:

Application for paricipation in the auction

Auction rules

Confidentiality Agreement

License Agreement

Object description


Contact person:
Artis Cicens
Proposal valid till:

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