The auction for granting the right to use the UL intellectual property – the invention “A Device and a Method for Detection of Gastric Cancer through Exhaled Breath in a Test Subject”

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LU izsludina izsoli Nr. 3/LU/2022 par intelektuālā īpašuma – izgudrojuma “Ierīce un metode kuņģa vēža noteikšanai testa pacientam, izvērtējot izelpu” atbilstoši starptautiskajam patenta pieteikumam Nr. PCT/LV2021/050006 “A DEVICE AND A METHOD FOR DETECTION OF GASTRIC CANCER THROUGH EXHALED BREATH IN A TEST SUBJECT” – izmantošanas tiesībām un licences līguma noslēgšanas procesu.

Contact person:
Kristina Gendele
Proposal valid till:

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