Daugavpils former sanatorium "Mežciems" complex

Total area (incl. Land):
5.64 ha
Transaction type:
Last name:
Permitted use:
Public building area

The site is located in the green zone of the Daugavpils  city, on the banks of the Daugava river, in the Mežciems neighbourhood. The complex covers an area of 50,600 m2 and has 530 m  of the Daugava riverbank. The area needs development, there are 19 buildings on the 5.6 ha land area (main building, warehouses, stage, canteen, water treatment building, vegetable storage, chlorinator building, barns, garage, billiards building, club, library, shed, boiler house, dormitory , transformer substations).

The historical building of the sanatorium (main body) has the status of an architectural monument of national importance, the water treatment building and the Mežciems medicinal water treatment spa have the status of an architectural monument of local importance.

The largest part of the territory of Mežciema is occupied by the forest park, which is an important component of the Daugavpils urban landscape and biodiversity. The natural landscape of Mezhciems consists mainly of pine forests, which performs several functions: it provides the city's residents with oxygen, trap noise and disperses pollution, and regulate the city's microclimate. The green infrastructure of the neighborhood is an important asset of the city, which can serve not only now, but also in the future can serve as a provider of recreation for the city's residents and guests.

The area is 2.5 km away from lake Trikartas, where the healing mud was historically extracted for the sanatorium. There are two drinking water springs and one mineral water spring.

According to the Territorial Planning, the planned (permitted) use of the land unit is defined as a public building territory, which is a functional zone defined to ti provide  for the location of both commercial and non-commercial institutions and objects of a public nature, providing for appropriate infrastructure. The site is located within a Site of Local Historic and Natural Interest (TIN47).

The advantages for the development of Mežciems territory are:

- Location on the outskirts of the city, green and blue infrastructure;

- Satisfactory transport infrastructure to the complex and low traffic intensity;

- The site has a 580 m deep borehole from which mineral water was historically extracted;

- It is possible to use the healing mud from Lake Trikarta of 2.5 km away;

- Human resources are available in the city - medical specialists;

- The city has an advantageous geographical location - there is a cluster of railways and major highways;

- It is possible to offer reiterapia, but until 1914 mare's milk (kumisu) was widely used in medicine.

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Cadastre No.:05000392601
Land area:56 431.00 m²
Permitted use:Public building area
Pasākuma titulbilde Pasākuma titulbilde Pasākuma titulbilde
Access road:Asphalt
Nearest highway:Highway
Distance to nearest highway:3.00 km
Has been created:Is established
Distance to rr. rails:3.00 km
The nearest station:8.00 km
Connection to the object:Available
Water supply:None

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